Choose a Seamless Form of Smile Restoration

Choose a Seamless Smile RestorationAre you worried you’re suffering from a cavity, but don’t want to get a gold filling? Do you have a root canal scheduled, and are nervous that your smile will never look the same? Dental problems can cause a lot of discomfort, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, modern dentistry now offers more seamless restorative treatments that can put patients at ease about the esthetics of their smiles, after treatment. In fact, in many cases no one has to know you have had dental work completed. So stop delaying a dental visit, for fear your smile will suffer cosmetically, and instead talk to your restorative dentist about the benefit of seamless smile solutions!

Options When a Filling Is Needed

Since cavities are the most common dental problem, dental fillings are one of the most frequently required restorations. For years, metal fillings were most commonly recommended, but these posed some problems:

  • First, some patients struggle with metal allergies or sensitivities that could make metal dental fillings uncomfortable or even painful.
  • Metal is also highly conductive, which means hot foods or beverages could cause irritation. And finally, metal dental work is very noticeable, causing some patients to feel insecure because of their restorative dentistry.

Fortunately, many dentists now offer an alternative, in the form of tooth-colored or white fillings, which are designed to blend more seamlessly with the smile. These fillings are made of a low-conductivity material, composite resin, which is more esthetically pleasing, often more comfortable, and still bonds well with teeth creating a tight seal around a damaged tooth!