What Does Family Dentistry Encompass?

What Does Family Dentistry Encompass?If you’re searching for a dental care provider, you don’t want to have to track down a series of names. A family dentistry is one that sees patients of all ages. Allowing everyone to visit the same dentist’s office keeps planning and coordinating simple. In addition to being an actual location at which you receive care, family dentistry also encompasses a series of general dental treatments that everyone needs. You can expect to receive checkups, cleanings, and preventive screenings through your family dentist. Here’s more detail about these procedures, and why they’re so important for your oral health.

Family Dentistry Includes Checkups and Cleanings

From the time your first tooth erupts, you need to care for your teeth in order to preserve them. Family dentistry includes the routine checkups and cleanings that you receive from your dentist. Each member of the family should be visiting the dentist every six months for these appointments. During your checkup, your dentist can closely examine your teeth to make sure that no serious oral health conditions are developing. Your dentist or dental hygienist can also thoroughly clean your teeth, removing any plaque buildup that may have occurred between visits.

Family Dentistry Can Include Preventive Screenings

Your family dentist may practice a number of different preventive measures to ensure your long-term oral health. Screening for conditions like oral cancer, and using dental x-rays to examine your teeth more closely, can reduce the likelihood that you suffer from one of these conditions. X-rays give your dentist a complete picture of the structure of your teeth and jawbone, so they can spot any issues before they become more serious. These types of screenings and exams are valuable for every member of the family.

Family Dentistry Can Include Preventive Treatment and Address Other Oral Problems

Not every oral problem that you experience is a matter of filling cavities. Conditions like TMJ Disorders and Bruxism can rob you of restorative sleep and lead to compounding medical issues. In many cases, your dentist may be able to treat these conditions effectively. Your dentist can also offer preventive care, like fluoride rinse and dental sealants, to protect your teeth from the growth of bacteria. All of these treatment options are available at your family dentist, so it’s important to keep up with your appointments.

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