How Do Teeth Stains Form?

Usually, when your teeth develop serious discoloration, you simply visit our office for professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatments. However, at the moment we’re only offering emergency care for our patients in Omaha, NE. But! We do have some tips for keeping your teeth bright from home.

The Causes of Dental Discoloration

The first step is knowing how trouble actually forms in the first place. Often, we what eat and drink is a major factor. For example, when we consume foods high in sugar and starch, this leaves behind particles for bacteria to consume, especially if we don’t brush and floss regularly. As bacteria consume these parties this causes plaque buildup, which not only make stains more visible, but weakens enamel and inflames the gums, leading to a higher risk of cavities and gum disease. Drinks with tannins and dark pigments, such as tea, red wine, coffee, and soda, also make discoloration more visible. If you smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products, then unsightly brown or yellow stains could form there too.

Keeping Your Teeth Bright

To help avoid discoloration, try to cut back on beverages with tannins and instead, drink more water. You can follow a soda or cup of coffee with a glass of water to help rinse your smile. Eat a healthier diet, one with more fresh fruits and veggies, as rougher fruits and vegetables, like apples, carrots, and broccoli, could help scrub away plaque. Be sure you brush your teeth for two minutes when you wake up and again before going to bed, and the floss every night before going to bed. Avoid tobacco products that could stain your teeth too!

What About Over-The-Counter Options?

With store bought options, you could find a solution to minor discoloration, but these treatments could lead to tooth sensitivity! Whitening strips are linked to sensitive teeth, and whitening toothpastes contain abrasive ingredients that remove stains, but also inadvertently weaken outer enamel as well. Instead, try to maintain a good homecare routine to keep your smile healthy and bright, until we can administer professional cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, to remove stains and help you obtain a brighter smile. If you have any questions about better dental hygiene, or about protecting your smile from discoloration, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Avoiding Dulled Smiles?

With the right steps, you can keep your smile bright until we can see you again. To learn more about keeping your smile stain-free or about any of our professional teeth whitening options, then schedule a consultation by calling Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE, today at (402) 330-2243. We also serve the residents of Papillion, Elkhorn, La Vista, Millard, and all surrounding communities.