We Can Restore Your Tooth In One Visit

How long does placing a crown take? Two visits, maybe three? What if we could restore smiles in Omaha, NE, in just one visit? With digital technology and the CEREC system, our team can craft and place custom-made and lifelike dental restorations in just one sitting. Learn more about our lifelike crowns and inlays and onlays in our latest blog.


A dental crown covers the visible portions of your tooth. We use them to address an array of cosmetic and restorative concerns, restoring your tooth to full function, health, and beauty. For example, placement has repaired advanced cases of decay and completed root canal procedures that address infections or abscesses. We’ve repaired cracked or chipped teeth and lengthened teeth that have become worn down due to bruxism (teeth grinding). We can address issues with a tooth’s shape and color, and also help secure a dental bridge. If you’ve received a dental implant, we can complete the new tooth and ensure a lifelike appearance.

Partial Restorations

In some cases, an oral health issue may be too severe to address with a filling, but not serious enough to require a full crown. Fortunately, we have partials with our inlays and onlays. They will be made from the same lifelike materials as full crowns, but will target specific areas of the tooth. An inlay fits in between the cusps on top of the teeth, while an onlay fits over the cusps on top of the teeth.

The CEREC System

While at one time they required between two and three visits to complete, we can actually create and place a full one or an inlay and onlay in one visit! After we remove structure from the teeth, we will take detailed digital impressions and create a 3D model of your tooth. After the dentist designs the restoration, we upload the information into the onsite CEREC milling machine, which uses CAD/CAM technology to create the crown in the same visit. We then check the fit and place the completed restoration, so you leave in one visit with a newly restored smile. The ceramic we create them from is not only durable, but also contains stain-resistant materials and can be shaded to match the color of surrounding teeth. If you have any questions about creating and placing custom-made restorations, then contact our team today!

Do You Have Questions About The CAD/CAM System?

With advanced technology, we can address damage and poor oral heath in as little as one visit. To learn more about our single-visit dental restorations, then schedule a consultation by calling Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE, today at (402) 330-2243. We also serve the residents of Papillion, Elkhorn, La Vista, Millard, and all surrounding communities.