Bonding Reshapes Smiles In One Sitting

In our last blog, we discussed how teeth whitening can remove stains from your smile. But what if you have unsightly cracks or chips in your teeth? For Omaha, NE, patients in need for more substantial cosmetic repair, we can transform smiles in one visit with bonding and contouring. What should you expect from this procedure, and how lifelike will the results be?

The Bonding Process

Dental bonding actually uses the same composite resin we employ in our tooth-colored dental fillings. After we clean the tooth, we prepare the material and apply it in several layers. We may etch the tooth to help keep the material in place during this process. The dentist will cure the material with a light, sculpting and molding the tooth in the process. Finally, we polish the cured tooth to ensure a more lifelike appearance. The entire process only takes one visit to complete. For some patients, we may combine this treatment with veneers and whitening to provide a cost-effective smile makeover.

Cosmetic Benefits

The treatment offers our patients a number of cosmetic benefits. We can employ composite resin to offer a lifelike solution to permanent teeth stains. These kinds of stains may not respond to traditional teeth whitening, However, bonding can mask them completely. We can also fill gaps in between the teeth and repair minor chips and cracks, all in one visit. Treatment can lengthen worn down teeth as well. The procedure offers our patients a convenient solution to many cosmetic issues, and repairing minor chips also helps protect teeth from the onset of decay and infection, as even minor damage could potentially expose the inner tooth structure to harmful bacteria.

Dental Contouring

We also offer our patients cosmetic contouring, which can be completed in the same visit in many cases. With this treatment, we don’t add a material to the teeth. Instead, we gently remove surface structure to reshape and mold the tooth. We can correct overly pointed teeth and remove any pits, grooves, or other esthetic issue with the tooth’s surface. Our team can also address mild chips and fix misshapen teeth as well, offering patients a more esthetically-pleasing smile. If you have any questions about either the bonding or contouring process, then please contact our team today. We would love to work with you and help you achieve a brighter and more attractive smile, often in just one sitting!

Pacific Hills Dental Repairs Teeth in One Visit

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