Can You Place Natural Looking Crowns In One Visit?

If you have pain in your tooth, or your tooth has become chipped or cracked, then you need to see us. Don’t worry, repairing your tooth doesn’t mean multiple visits and lengthy procedures. In fact, we often help repair teeth in Omaha, NE, in one visit using advanced CEREC technology.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown

A dental crown actually covers the entire visible portion of a tooth. Which means placing them addresses multiple cosmetic and restorative issues. For example, we mask teeth stains, reshape malformed teeth, and address issues with a tooth’s surface, such as pits and grooves. We also repair crack, chipped, broken, or worn-down teeth. We’ve also anchored dental bridges in place and restored single tooth dental implants.

The CEREC System

In the past, receiving a custom-made crown meant between two and three visits. Now, we finish the entire procedure, start-to-finish, in one sitting. We prepare the tooth and remove outer structure before taking a detailed digital impression. Next, we upload the information into a computer to create a 3D model. The model will be used by the CEREC machine to mill the tooth from a solid block of ceramic. We then place the crown using a powerful bonding agent. Ceramic ensures the restoration is sturdy and blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Don’t Endanger Your Smile!

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, or if you begin to experience toothaches or tooth sensitivity, then you need treatment. Without a restoration, your tooth could continue to hurt while the risk of infection and eventually, tooth loss, increases. Seeing us when you notice damage or persistent pain gives our team the chance to repair your tooth and preserve your smile. If you have any questions or concerns, then contact our team today.

Pacific Hills Dental Restores Smiles

At Pacific Hills Dental, we can restore your smile in just one sitting. For more information, call our Omaha, NE, dental office today at (402) 330-2243. We proudly treat individuals in Omaha, NE, and all surrounding areas, including Papillion, Elkhorn, La Vista, and Millard.