How Do You Protect Kids From Cavities?

Without routine care, children often develop cavities. Tooth decay not only leads to pain, but also a risk of losing baby teeth prematurely, and with that an increased chance of misalignment occurring. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how our Omaha, NE, patients can avoid tooth decay and protect their children’s smiles.

Routine Checkups and Cleanings

Just like adults, children need to see the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. The first visit should occur once the first baby tooth erupts. After that, children should see the dentist every six months. During these visits, the dentist makes sure teeth are erupting correctly. We also watch for the warning signs of developing misalignment or tooth decay. A cleaning helps prevent cavities. Finally, these visits allow dental professionals to instill good habits and reduce dental anxiety in young children.

Fluoride Treatment

If your little one has a high risk of developing cavities, then we may apply a fluoride treatment. We place a varnish onto the teeth, a procedure that only takes a few minutes to complete. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that helps strengthen outer tooth enamel, shoring up your teeth against the threat of harmful bacteria. We can apply the varnish as part of your child’s routine checkups and cleanings.

Dental Sealants

The molars in the rear of the mouth are often difficult for children to reach when brushing and flossing. As a result, food can become stuck between them and increase the risk of cavities. To prevent this, we may apply a dental sealant to the back teeth. The plastic coating prevents food from becoming trapped between the teeth. The sealants wear away with time and can reapplied in the future.

Remember to see us every six months for a routine visit, or schedule a visit of your child reports a toothache. We have fillings and other treatments to stop cavities and protect your child’s teeth.

Pacific Hills Dental Offers Children’s Dentistry

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