Dental Implants Can Offer More Support For Your Restoration

Think about what tooth loss does to a person’s daily life. Beyond its effect on the way you look, tooth loss can make it harder for you to bite and chew, which can lead to further problems for your oral health. It can also leave you in a situation where you have an increased chance of suffering further losses. Your Omaha, NE dentist’s office can help you restore your smile through dental implant-held restorations. The prosthetic you receive can be stable enough to help you with biting and chewing tasks, in addition to helping you feel comfortable with the way you look. Dental implants also offer benefits over time, particularly due to their ability to prevent jawbone resorption, a problem that people experience after tooth loss.

Using Dental Implants To Help With Different Levels Of Tooth Loss

Dental implants benefit patients with different degrees of tooth loss. If you have a single missing tooth you need to replace, an implant can act as its own artificial tooth root. This arrangement keeps the restoration stable, without requiring work on neighboring teeth. It also limits the movement of neighboring teeth roots. Multiple implants can be used to hold a larger restoration in place, meaning you can count on more support for a dental bridge or denture.

How Can I Find Out If I Qualify For Dental Implants?

Many people are approved when they inquire about dental implants. What you should know is that you may have oral health issues that demand a delay of your procedure. You may need work done to ensure your jawbone is healthy enough to hold an implant. You could also require work to address problems with poor periodontal health before the process of implant placement can begin.

Pacific Hills Dental Can Help You Restore Your Smile With Dental Implant Support

At Pacific Hills Dental, patients who want to restore their complete smile can benefit from inquiring about dental implants. Implants make it possible for you to enjoy remarkable smile improvements, and feel better about your daily life after tooth loss. If you wish to make an appointment for yourself or a family member, call our Omaha, NE, dental office today at (402)330-2243. We proudly treat individuals in Omaha, NE, and all surrounding areas, including Papillion, Elkhorn, La Vista, and Millard.