How Do You Create Clear Aligners?

When patients come to us seeking treatment for misalignment, we have two unique alternatives to metal braces. We can offer Invisalign® or ClearCorrect® to help correct smiles. But how do we create the clear aligners used in these treatment options? What should patients expect from invisible orthodontics?

Try Our Quiz on Creating Clear Aligners

  1. True or False: Each one will be custom-made.
  2. True or False: You upgrade to a new set every two weeks.
  3. True or False: Treatment takes about a year.
  4. True or False: You don’t have to change your diet.

Answer Key

  1. True. With both treatment options, we will take detailed digital impressions of your smile. The images and materials we gather will be sent to a special lab, where experts will create a series of aligners fabricated specifically for your smile.
  2. True. Both options need to be worn for between 20 and 23 hours each day to reposition the teeth in the original timeframe the dentist discussed. About every two weeks, patients upgrade to a new set. The aligners will gently move the teeth to optimal positions.
  3. True. For adults, treatment will typically take about a year. Teens, who’s mouths are still developing, may need up to 18 months. However, the exact amount of time the treatment will take will depend on a number of different factors, including the cause and severity of your misalignment.
  4. True. You don’t have to avoid hard or chewy foods as you would with braces, since the aligners can be removed before eating. In addition, brushing and flossing become much easier since you can remove your orthodontics beforehand. If you have any questions about Invisalign or ClearCorrect, then contact our team today.

Ready to Try Clear Aligners?

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