What You Can Expect From A Dental Implant Placement

You can expect a significant improvement in the function and appearance of your smile after you have an implant-supported restoration put in place. That being said, you may be wary of what to expect from the actual process of having a dental implant inserted. This is understandable – after all, implant placement does require minor oral surgery. What you should know is that patients who use implants to secure a dental prosthetic can have an easier time with standard jaw functions, and can avoid problems that plague those with tooth loss. An implant provides superior security, and can protect you from jawbone deterioration, a benefit you will not gain from other prosthetic solutions.

You Need To Be Approved For Implant Placement

Your dentist will review your oral health and alert you to any possible issues that will interfere with the placement process. It should be noted that because this does require surgery, some patients will have issues that prevent them from moving forward. If you have an issue with poor periodontal health, steps will need to be taken to address the problem before you can move forward.

Advantages Of An Implant-Supported Restoration

Patients who have implant-supported restorations can find that their ability to bite and chew are greatly improved. You can count on your prosthetic to stay in position, even when taking on impact. Jawbone deterioration will not pose a threat, because an implant can mimic the kind of stimulation your tooth roots used to provide your jaw. Of course, because your dentist can use a life-like restoration, implant placement can lead to a big improvement in how you look, too.

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