Want a Beautiful and Bright Smile?

Want a Beautiful and Bright Smile?Does the start of spring have you thinking about a makeover? If so, don’t head to the mall or the salon. Hairstyles and handbags go in and out of style, but there is one accessory that is always in season and stylish, and that’s a gorgeous smile! There are a number of ways a cosmetic dentist can help to brighten your smile, and to improve its overall appearance, from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers. If you’re ready to give your smile an update, it’s time to see your cosmetic dentist.

Lighten Up with Professional Whitening

Teeth stains are one of the most common complaints, and that is because the teeth’s enamel is porous. Over time it can look stained, discolored, and prematurely aged. Professional teeth whitening can generallylighten teeth by several shades, up to eight during a course of treatment. This can create noticeable results, and improved confidence as well.

How Else Can Enhancements Be Made?

For other esthetic issues there are options, as well. Cosmetic bonding, for instance, can help to hide permanent stains, as well as inconsistencies in the size or shape of teeth. Bonding can even help to hide minor gaps between the teeth. Porcelain veneers are another great option, and they create even longer-lasting results, because of the stain resistance of porcelain. In fact, many patients can enjoy the results of their veneers for more than ten years, with proper care.

In some cases, a dentist might even recommend a total smile makeover, which involves combining treatments in order to hide a variety of imperfections. For instance, he or she might begin with overall whitening, and then use bonding to hide a few oddly-sized teeth.