Can You Do More to Protect Your Teeth?

Flossing and Other Simple Steps to Prevent Dental ProblemsDo you ever worry about losing a tooth, or being diagnosed with a cavity, or even an infection? Are you hoping to spend 2017 enjoying great oral health, and willing to do whatever it takes to protect your teeth and gums? If so, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a great deal of time or money trying to protect your smile. You just need to take a few key steps to preserve your smile’s oral health.

Are You Flossing?

One really simple way to help protect your smile, including both your teeth and your gums, is by adding flossing to your daily routine. While toothbrushing is important, flossing is also essential to good oral health, yet most adults skip flossing.

Flossing helps to remove food particles that can be left behind, in the small crevices between teeth, where bacteria can create acidity that could lead to gingivitis or cavities. Help to avoid this by flossing once a day. It should only take a few minutes, and if your gums are already healthy, it should not be painful, much less cause bleeding.

Are You Brushing Your Tongue?

Another simple addition to your dental hygiene routine, yet one that can be greatly beneficial to your oral health, is to brush your tongue each time you brush your teeth. The tongue, like the teeth, is a breeding ground for bacteria. Yet many people overlook the tongue, as a potential source of bad breath or acidic bacteria.

Whether you use your toothbrush or a specialty tongue scraper, just make sure you’re cleaning your tongue regularly to cut down on bacteria development in between your routine checkups and cleanings.