Could You Feel More Confident with a Cerec Crown?

Feel Confident with a Cerec CrownDo you spend a lot of time struggling with discomfort because of an untreated dental issue, like a cavity or chip, causing sensitivity? How about cosmetically? Are you embarrassed by a noticeable metal crown, or even worn edges caused by teeth grinding? Did you know that modern dental restorations can often be made to be both esthetically pleasing and functionally restorative, as well? Perhaps best of all, Cerec crowns offer patients these benefits, fast, often requiring only a single dental visit!

What Is a Cerec Crown?

Cerec dental crowns are created in the dentist’s own office, using a machine that allows a single piece of porcleain to be crafted into a durable crown, based on computer imaging of the patient’s smile. Using this advanced technology, patients can enjoy completely customized and natural-looking crowns that are also more durable than many alternative smile restorations, including the metal crowns that were once most common.

What Can Crowns Address?

Crowns are regularly recommended as forms of restoration and to protect teeth made fragile by decay or damage caused by an accident or injury. Crowns can also be used to help protect teeth affected by subconscious teeth grinding, like bruxism, or those that have been treated through root canal therapy.

Crowns can even be used to help complete a smile after tooth loss, such as in dental bridges or as part of a dental implant.

So, whether you are looking to update an ill-fitting or embarrassing existing restoration like a metal crown, or hoping to address an existing dental problem seamlessly and quickly, a Cerec crown could be a great option.