Is Your Smile Okay or Does It Need Restoration?

Is Your Smile Okay or In Need of Restoration?Have you spent several weeks or even months struggling with dental discomfort, without understanding why, and afraid to learn the reason? You might already suspect that you could have a dental problem, like a cavity, but feel afraid of visiting the dentist for fear of what restorative treatment will mean for your smile’s appearance. If that is the case, it is time to take a deep breath of relief, knowing that modern dental restorations can be both functionally sound and cosmetically-pleasing. So if you are experiencing symptoms like heightened sensitivity or pain, it is time that you put an end to your discomfort by scheduling an appointment for tooth-saving, and beautiful restorative treatment!

Don’t Let Cavities Get You Down When Dental Fillings Can Help

In the case of cavities, which are the most common cause of dental problems, by far, a modern dental filing can likely be the restorative solution. While fillings were once made primarily of metal amalgam, this material posed a number of potential downfalls. First, it was uncomfortable for many patients, such as those with metal sensitivities or allergies, as well as those who were troubled by its high conductivity level. Secondly, the metal fillings were easily spotted, which caused many patients to feel insecure about their noticeable dental work.

Modern tooth-colored dental fillings are made of a more natural-looking material, composite resin, which also offers a lower conductivity level, making it more comfortable for many patients, especially those with metal sensitivities, who might not have been able to receive fillings in the past.