How Drinking More Water Could Help Protect Your Smile

Could Drinking Water Help Your Smile?Have you been worried about the health of your smile? Perhaps you have struggled with numerous cavities in the past, or have noticed that your gums appear inflamed or sensitive lately. Most people want to do whatever it takes to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Yet many are not sure what exactly preventive care entails. While dental hygiene is a good start, and dental checkups and cleanings are important, they are not the only ways to help protect your smile. In fact, drinking more water is actually one wonderful and simple way to help preserve your oral health!

Water Is Essential to Saliva Production

Just like the rest of your body needs adequate water to function properly, your smile is dependent on water to help it remain healthy. One of the essential roles water plays in your oral health is helping you produce saliva, which is a natural plaque fighter.

You see, saliva makes it more difficult for plaque bacteria to stick to the surface of the teeth, which can subsequently help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other issues caused by plaque buildup.

While it is commonly taught that people should drink eight glasses of water per day, the necessary amount of water each person needs is actually dependent on his or her weight, activity level, and other factors. Feelings of thirst are generally an indication that you need to be drinking more water, and that you should do so consistently throughout the day. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes the experience of dry mouth is a chronic condition that can be caused by underlying health issues or even as a side effect of certain medications. If you do suffer from chronic dry moth, talk to your preventive dentist about potential treatments, as untreated chronic dry mouth can lead to a variety of oral health issues including cavities and gum disease.