Want a Healthy Smile? Heed These Tips from Your Children’s Dentist

Healthy Smiles for the Whole FamilyAs a parent, you go through a lot trying to keep your children healthy. From making sure they spend time outside playing instead of in front of the TV, to making sure they eat vegetables that are not fried, insisting they wear their helmets when riding their bikes, and washing their hands before dinner, there is a lot you already do to help keep your kids healthy. However, do you sometimes wonder what more you can do to help keep their mouths healthy? While brushing their teeth is a great start, there is more that can be done to maintain your family’s healthy smiles between checkups and cleanings!

Teach Them About Dental Hygiene When They’re Young

You may have already taught your kids the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day, but if it still feels like a struggle getting them to actually do so, here are some idea to help make dental hygiene more fun for the whole family:

  • Use a song to indicate when it is time to start and stop brushing their teeth. Aim for a song that is at least two minutes long, to really give everyone time to properly brush each teeth.
  • You can also find instructional videos, some by beloved children’s characters, that help teach proper brushing technique, as well as make this daily routine more fun!
  • Keep in mind that it’s important to start brushing your children’s teeth as soon as your baby’s first tooth erupts. You should also help your kids brush their teeth until they have developed the dexterity to do so themselves; this is usually around the time that they are able to tie their own shoes.

Checkups are also essential for all patients, including young children. For most people this means visiting the dentist at least twice a year, though the dentist may recommend more or less frequent visits depending on your kids’ current oral health and any potential problems.