Is It Time to Straighten Up Your Smile with Clear Braces?

Time for Clear Braces?Did you grow up dreaming of a straighter smile, only to give up on the idea in adulthood, because you didn’t want to spend years in obvious metal braces? If so, it’s time to revisit that dream, especially considering the ways clear braces can help. Treatments like Invisalign and Clear Correct provide alternatives to traditional braces, ones that can still straighten your smile but without the embarrassment or discomfort of metal brackets and braces. So, if you always wanted to do something about your crooked teeth, or gaps between them, now is a great time to learn about clear braces!

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces work by slowly repositioning teeth through the use of a series of clear aligner trays, custom fit for you. These trays should be worn for 20 or more hours each day, over the course of a few weeks, to maximize results. You will then change out trays for a new set.

Because of the way this treatment works, most patients enjoy fewer visits to the dentist’s office and less discomfort or irritation than with traditional braces. Plus, the trays can be removed for mealtimes and in order to brush and floss teeth, leading to far more enjoyable dinners during treatment, and better dental hygiene overall than many patients with traditional braces.

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of clear braces is that they aren’t obvious at all. In fact, most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them, which means no worrying about the embarrassment often associated with having a “mouth full of metal,” particularly as an adult.