Get Back to The Good Life with A Dental Filling Could Help

Back to Good with a Dental FillingNo one wants to discover that she’s developed a cavity. Unfortunately nearly 90 percent of adults will experience dental decay, like a cavity, at least once in life, and often much more frequently. Pervasive as they are, however, dental cavities can often be treated quickly and effectively through a minimally invasive procedure, like a dental filling, which is good news if you think you might have one. In very little time, a restorative dentist could have your smile looking and feeling like it did prior to the dental problem, so you can do more important things than worry about your teeth, like show them off as part of your brilliant smile!

How Are Cavities Caused?

Dental cavities are created when acidity develops in the mouth, usually due to plaque buildup, which can calcify onto the teeth, forming tartar. This can, in turn, develop acid, which slowly begins to erode the surface of the teeth, known as the enamel. If a cavity is left unaddressed, it can degrade the enamel to the point that the layer beneath it becomes exposed. This layer is far more sensitive, which is why many patients begin experiencing heightened sensitivity or even pain once the dentin has become exposed.

How Does a Filling Work?

A dental filling works to help protect the fragile tooth, by helping to seal it from food particles and bacteria, which can lead to an infection. Before a filling can be applied, though, your restorative dentist must first thoroughly clean the area. The filling can then be placed. While mercury amalgam fillings were once popular, now many dentists prefer tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin, which have obvious esthetic benefits, but also bond well with teeth creating great protective barriers.