Feeling Blue? Get Back to Business with a Dental Filling

Dental Filling Back to BusinessAre you tired of feeling sidelined by dental discomfort? It can be hard to perform well at work, or even enjoy everyday activities like meeting a friend for lunch or having dinner with your boyfriend when you’re struggling with a dental problem, like a painful cavity. Fortunately, a restorative dentist can help you feel like yourself again. In fact, a simple dental filling is often sufficient for restoring oral health. So, stop trying to get by with your dental issue, and instead get back to business with restorative care.

What Can a Filling Do for You?

A dental filling is a minimally invasive treatment that can help stop the decay caused by a cavity, but it can also help prevent future problems by tightly sealing the tooth. First the restorative dentist will carefully clean the affected tooth, and sanitize it. Then the filling can be applied. This process prevents debris or bacteria from entering the tooth, which could lead to an infection. And because modern dental fillings can be made of tooth-colored composite resin material, a filling can even help improve the appearance of your smile, particularly if the cavity left your tooth discolored.

When Should You Seek Treatment?

One of the most important things to remember about cavities, and teeth in general, is that unlike other parts of the body they cannot repair themselves. This means that without treatment the tooth will continue to decay, to the point that it might become infected or even require extraction. To prevent the need for extensive treatment, like root canal therapy or extraction, schedule an appointment for restorative care at the first sign of trouble, such as sensitivity to hot or cold foods, discomfort while chewing, or grey or black lines on the surface of a tooth.