Dentist-Approved Gifts for The Kids On Your List

Preventive Dentist Tips for Kids GiftsTired of giving your children the same old stocking stuffers year after year? There are plenty of ways to make dental care a part of your holiday celebrations, and none of them involve making the kids open a box of floss come Christmas morning. Here are some preventive dentist-approved gifts that are sure to delight even the pickiest of kiddos, while also helping maintain their healthy and beautiful smiles through the holiday season and long after!

Non-Sugary Treats For the Kids

Gift-giving, like many things, is really just about knowing your audience. So while your kids probably don’t want to receive mouthwash from Santa, there are better alternatives to candy for filling stockings this year. Here are just a few items pediatric dentists recommend as candy alternatives.

  • There are plenty of toys and games that will fit in stockings, but if you still want to provide something edible, consider small servings of their favorite fruits, instead. Apples or clementines, for instance, are still sweet, stocking-sized and actually a nod to old-timey Christmases. But they also pack more nutritious punch than most alternatives!
  • You can also fill out the stocking with fun toothbrushes, such as those featuring their favorite cartoon characters or comic book heroes.
  • Toothpastes in funky flavors can also be a neat way to trick your kids into having more fun while brushing their teeth!
  • For older kids, mechanical toothbrushes might be a better bet for making tooth brushing seem fresh this holiday season. Throw in a music giftcard, too, and help them pick a song the perfect length for signaling how long to brush.