Invisalign: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Gift a Great Smile with Invisalign TreatmentThis holiday season, would you like to give the kind of gift which truly keeps on giving? Do you know someone that really wants to ask Santa for a straighter smile? Consider giving them Invisalign or Clear Correct. Both are alternatives to traditional braces, which can help provide the people you love with smiles they’ll be proud to show off. So, whether your spouse has spent years feeling self-conscious because of minor alignment issues, or your teenager has been begging for straighter teeth without the embarrassment of wearing noticeable metal braces, now you can give him or her a wonderful option and a gift that can truly be enjoyed for a lifetime: a more beautiful and confidence-inducing smile!

What Makes These Treatments Special?

Both Invisalign and Clear Correct provide almost invisible forms of orthodontic treatment, which can straighten teeth and correct alignment issues the same way traditional metal braces do, without many of the drawbacks.

For instance:

  • Invisalign and Clear Correct both use clear, plastic aligner trays, which won’t scratch or irritate sensitive soft tissues like the gums.
  • They can also be removed for eating, meaning no foods are off limits during treatment. (Plus, no more worrying about getting popcorn stuck in your braces!)
  • This also allows patients to brush and floss as they usually would, helping to prevent staining or cavities from forming during orthodontia.
  • Because they trays can easily be changed every few weeks, less visits are usually required to complete treatment.
  • Most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing braces, but they will be able to see the improvements to your smile when treatment is completed!
  • In some cases, orthodontic treatment can help correct TMJ, bruxism or other jaw-related issues, helping to reduce headaches, tiredness and other common symptoms of TMJ.