A Tooth-colored Filling Can Cure Your Smile Woes

Tooth Colored Fillings for Confident RestorationNo one wants to hear the bad news, that she has a cavity. But your restorative dentist can provide some good news, even after a cavity diagnosis. First, treatment for a cavity is generally minimally invasive and quickly completed. Secondly, and just importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your smile in order to restore your oral health. Tooth-colored dental fillings are a modern alternative to traditional metal fillings, ones that many patients find more comfortable and most find far more esthetically pleasing. If you are worried you have a cavity, but have delayed treatment because you don’t want to end up with a mouth filled with metal, tooth-colored restorations are an incredible alternative.

What Makes Tooth-colored Fillings Different?

Tooth-colored fillings rely on a composite resin material to help protect teeth that have been damaged by a cavity. This seal acts as a barrier, which prevents bacteria or food particles from entering into a fragile tooth. Prompt treatment for a cavity usually makes a filling effective at preventing infection, that would later need root canal therapy, or worse, an extraction.

So rather than delaying dental treatment, schedule an appointment at the first sign of a cavity. This way your dentist can help restore your smile with minimally invasive measures, like a filling.

There are a number of benefits to tooth-colored fillings, in particular, which have gained popularity in recent years.

  • First, tooth-colored fillings are a great option for patients with metal allergies, those who are pregnant, or anyone concerned with the use of amalgam for fillings.
  • Composite resin is also able to bond incredibly well with teeth, creating a tight seal and a durable form of restoration.
  • Finally, and just importantly for many patients, because the resin can be made to match your teeth’s natural shading, the resulting restoration should blend seamlessly with your smile. This allows you to smile confidently, without fear that people will only be staring at your dental work!