Introducing: Dental Sealants

childrenthumbsupPerhaps we have commented to you during your little one’s dental checkup that dental sealants offer a wealth of benefits for growing smiles. However, if you are not sure what to make of sealants, you may not have given this much thought yet. The reason we are quite adamant about providing education regarding sealants is that they offer exceptional protection against tooth decay. The longer we can keep your child’s teeth free of plaque, the easier it is to keep your son or daughter’s smile healthy and looking lovely. We invite you to learn more, so you can make confident choices for safeguarding your child’s smile.

About Sealants

A sealant is a protective, clear coating that we place on your child’s back teeth. We cover the chewing surfaces, which are full of fissures and grooves. These tiny spaces provide an easy trap where bacteria and food particles become caught. This can quickly lead to tooth decay. After cleaning your child’s back teeth in preparation, we will gently paint the clear plastic over their surfaces and then set the dental sealants.

Why They’re Wonderful For Children’s Teeth

Sealants are invisible to your eye and offer many years of protection against tooth decay. They create a physical barrier that keeps bacteria and debris out of those hard-to-reach fissures (which happen to be located on hard-to-clean back teeth). The result? This greatly decreases your child’s chance of experiencing cavities on back teeth.

Dental Sealant Candidacy

We suggest dental sealants for most children because they are simple yet extremely effective in preventing tooth decay. In some cases, we may suggest them for older individuals including teens or adults. We offer sealants on a case-by-case basis.