Why Preventive Dental Care Makes Sense

Why Preventive Dental Care Makes SenseAlthough sharks grow new teeth throughout their lives, humans do not have the same ability. Most people get their first permanent teeth at about six years old, and have almost all of them (except the wisdom teeth) by about age 13. This means these teeth must last 60 or 70 years or more. That won’t happen without your help. Along with your efforts at home, preventive dental care in a professional setting can make a difference in your oral health in some obvious (and not so obvious) ways.

What is Preventive Dental Care?

You probably already take care of brushing and flossing, two of the most important steps in preventing dental problems. These two steps remove the plaque that naturally forms on your teeth each day. Both brushing and flossing also keep your gums healthy, which helps prevent bacteria, acids and enzymes from irritating and inflaming the gums, and leading towards the deeper and more serious condition of periodontitis.

Checkups and Cleanings Prevent Trouble, Too

We can do even more to help prevent trouble during your regular checkups and cleanings. We will usually take x-rays, to look for signs of decay or other problems not visible to the naked eye. As we clean your teeth, we look for soft spots that might indicate the very earliest sign of a cavity. We have special instruments to remove tartar (plaque that has hardened on teeth). We will also polish your teeth, not only improving their look, but the smooth surface means fewer rough spots where plaque can cling.

More Preventive Advantages

A dental checkup isn’t just about your teeth. We also examine your mouth, jaw and neck for any signs of oral cancer. We look for wear patterns on teeth that may indicate teeth grinding (bruxism) is an issue. Many times, this repetitive grinding takes place while you sleep, and you may not be aware you do it. If you have headaches, we can work with you to make sure any dental causes are explored, as a surprising number of tooth and jaw issues can make themselves known with a headache. Prevention is the best way to help your teeth last your whole life. If problems do arise, catching them as early as possible is the best plan.


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