Preserving Long-Term Oral Health With Extraction

Preserving Long-Term Oral Health With ExtractionTooth extraction may sound like a scary procedure initially. After all, the goal of dentistry is to preserve and protect your teeth. That’s still the mission behind tooth extraction. While significant, tooth extraction can be a beneficial procedure in select cases. Your dentist will only recommend tooth extraction when your natural tooth cannot be repaired, or it poses a threat to your other teeth and oral tissues. Preserving your long-term oral health is at the center of this treatment method. Here are some of the instances in which your dentist may recommend tooth extraction.

Extreme Tooth Decay and Gum Disease Can Call for Extraction

Tooth decay is a progressive condition that is constantly active inside of your mouth. How well you clean your teeth and how often you visit the dentist go a long way toward determining the effects of tooth decay. If left untreated, tooth decay can result in more than a cavity. It can spread to vulnerable parts of your tooth and eventually get into the passageways that connect to other teeth. The same is true of gum disease. If either of these conditions get to this extreme point, and root canal therapy or scaling cannot preserve the tooth and stop the infection, your dentist may call for tooth extraction.

A Severely Damaged Tooth May Need to Be Extracted

In many cases, when the crown of your tooth sustains damage, it can be restored with a dental crown. Fabricating and placing these crowns can preserve your tooth’s root structure. A severely damaged tooth may not be saved with a crown. If your tooth has become fractured, or a crack runs down to the roots, it might not be salvageable. In that case, your dentist may need to extract your tooth and replace it with a dental prosthetic. The damaged natural tooth will not heal on its own, so you’ll want to seek treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted for Preventive Health

Your wisdom teeth, the final set of molars in each row, can often become impacted in your jaw. This creates a health issue for your surrounding teeth. These impacted molars can push against your other molars, causing them to fall out of alignment. This can create discomfort for you, but it can also cause a misaligned bite. That misalignment can cause premature wear for your teeth over time, leading to undue damage. Whether your wisdom teeth become impacted or not, many patients choose to have them removed as a preventive measure.


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