How We Employ Digital Technology In Your Checkup

Every six months, according to the American Dental Association, people of all ages should see their dentist for a routine exam. We agree wholeheartedly, and use checkups as a way of helping our patients enjoy optimal oral health. As part of our treatment, we employ advanced digital technology when we examine smiles in Omaha, NE.

Routine Exams

When you undergo a checkup every six months, we have a chance to obtain a detailed look at your smile, examining your teeth and gums for signs of trouble. By identifying these issues in the early stages, we may treat them with minimally-invasive solutions. For example, we can address decay before your tooth requires substantial restoration, preventing infection in the process. We can reverse gingivitis before gum disease develops, and also identify cancerous and precancerous areas that could indicate oral cancer. For children, we watch as the teeth erupt and uncover the potential warning signs of misalignment. We also look out for the warning signs of childhood tooth decay, which helps prevent pain and premature tooth loss.

Digital X-Rays

In addition to the visual exam, we also want to take a look beneath the gum line, which helps identify TMJ disorder, bruxism, wisdom tooth eruption, and other issues that will require treatment. We accomplish this using digital x-rays. They use 80% less radiation than traditional x-ray system, and we don’t need to develop the images in harsh chemicals for long periods of time. Instead, we have the images instantly chairside. We can discuss your oral health and walk you through the diagnosis. The images will be of greater detail than those taken with traditional methods as well. We can then transfer these images easily in the event of referrals.

Cleanings and More

We will also take time to clean your teeth, which means removing all plaque and tartar from your smile using a manual tool or an ultrasonic scaler. Removing plaque helps prevent the onset of tooth decay and gum disease, and also provides a solution to bad breath. Many people leave with a brighter smile as well. We may suggest a cleaning for children and adults alike to protect teeth from serious oral health concerns. If you have any questions about our checkups and cleanings or about the digital technology we use as part of the process, the please contact our team today.

Pacific Hills Dental Provides Preventive Dentistry

At Pacific Hills Dental, we employ preventive and general care to help you enjoy a healthy smile for years to come. To make an appointment for a checkup and cleaning visit, call our Omaha, NE, dental office today at (402) 330-2243. We proudly treat individuals in Omaha, NE, and all of the surrounding areas, including Papillion, Elkhorn, and Millard.