Are Dental Implants Effective When Replacing Several Teeth?

A dental implant can improve your experience with a dental prosthetic in several ways. You can count on permanent support for your restoration, and you can look forward to support that will not involve modifying healthy teeth. You also take better care of your jaw health, as patients who receive an implant can protect themselves against jawbone deterioration. Fortunately, patients who need to address the loss of several teeth are able to support their restoration with implants, so that they can enjoy a superior prosthetic experience. With proper planning, you can have a dental bridge or denture supported with dental implants.

Receiving Dental Implants To Hold A Bridge Or Denture

An implant can be used to hold a dental bridge in place. While conventional dental bridges require the placement of crowns on potentially healthy teeth, implant support takes away this requirement. With a sequence of implants, your dentist can secure dentures, meaning you can avoid issues with stability and comfort that can plague patients.

How Implants Improve Your Experience With A Dental Prosthetic (Of Any Size)

One big benefit you gain from implants is increased stability. Simply put, you will not have to worry about a restoration feeling loose or slippery in your mouth. Implants defend you against the loss of material in your jawbone. When present, they will create stimulation in the bone. This makes it possible to sustain proper blood flow, meaning your jawbone will receive the appropriate nutrients needed to stay healthy. This stimulation is normally provided by the roots of teeth. Even if you have a prosthetic in place, only the presence of dental implants can protect you against this.

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