Implant Dentistry’s Impact On Your Oral Health

Tooth loss can have a significant negative effect on your smile. With that said, this is not just a cosmetic issue; when your smile is no longer complete, you can experience more oral health difficulties and have a more difficult time comfortably biting and chewing. Our Omaha, NE dentist’s office can help you take on all of these different concerns by recommending a treatment path that leads to a restored dental implant. Implant dentistry provides you with treatment that will secure a custom restoration reliably enough to let you trust it to absorb bite pressure, and it will help you improve the support available to neighboring teeth, which can have important additional benefits for your smile and well-being.

Tooth Loss Can Have Major Consequences For Your Oral Health And Smile

There are few problems that can be as frustrating and concerning as tooth loss. When a gap can be seen by others, it can turn into a major source of embarrassment. It can also become a source of frustration for the way it negatively impacts your bite function. Because you are forced to work around that gap, it can be difficult for you to avoid trouble with mounting jaw stress. In time, the absence of one tooth can lead to complications that result in the loss of others, as well as the loss of jawbone density.

Planning Treatment With An Implant-Held Restoration

Through implant dentistry, we can provide a treatment solution that improves your smile and also provides welcome support for your bite stability and oral health. A dental implant is secured through oral surgery that sets it in the space where your teeth roots previously resided. After this procedure takes place, you will go through a recovery period, one that is followed by the placement of a permanent restoration. That restoration can provide a meaningful cosmetic improvement as well as functional support, as it can absorb bite pressure and help you return to comfortable, natural jaw movement.

Life After Your Smile Is Fully Restored

After your smile is completely restored, you can enjoy renewed confidence in the way you look as well as in your ability to comfortably bite, chew, and speak. Smart smile care at home will keep your implant safe from oral bacteria that could cause problems, just as a good routine keeps your natural teeth safe and healthy. During your regular dental checkups, we will look out for any problems that might require in-office care.

Talk To Your Omaha, NE Dentist About Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry can help you regain confidence and improve your oral health, as it provides a long-term, dependable solution for tooth loss. If you have questions or wish to know more about how we can take care of your smile and oral health, please contact your Omaha, NE, dentist, Dr. Pietrok, by calling (402) 330-2243.