Will Your Prosthetic Make Biting And Chewing Easier?

When people imagine their life with a dental prosthetic, they may dwell more on the cosmetic advantages, and think less about the benefits for their oral health. Restoring your incomplete smile can also have a positive impact on normal tasks like biting, chewing, and speaking. Restored dental function can have several positive benefits. If you have found yourself limiting what you eat because of a limited dental function, your diet may have suffered, which can hurt your overall health. Improving your ability to bite and chew can mean a fuller, healthier diet. You can also avoid creating pain in your jaw because you have to bite and chew awkwardly. Dental implants can ensure that your prosthetic is stable enough to deliver these functional advantages.

Find Out If You Are A Good Candidate To Receive Dental Implants

Many people who want to have dental implants support their restoration can gain approval. However, the initial evaluation you undergo before placement is important, because there are issues that may interfere with your candidacy. You need to be healthy enough to undergo the placement, as it does require oral surgery. Your jawbone may need support through a bone graft before it is strong enough to support your implants. Those who do qualify can enjoy support, even if they need a larger restoration, like a set of dentures.

Enjoying Long-Term Support After Receiving Your Prosthetic

An implant-supported prosthetic can provide lasting, meaningful support for your oral health. Keeping up with oral care after you receive your implant is important. While many people can stay problem-free and enjoy the support of their prosthetic, you do need to be concerned with peri-implantitis. This condition, an infection of the tissue around your implant, and lead to worrying problems.

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental To See How Dental Implants Can Support Your Prosthetic

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