Need to Restore Your Smile? A Crown Could Help!

Need Restoration? A Crown Could HelpAre you worried that you may have developed a dental problem, like a cavity or even a tooth infection? Without proper preventive care, including regular dental cleanings, many people find themselves struggling with oral health issues, the most common of which are cavities and gum disease. Injuries and even chewing can also lead to dental problems, though. Some issues, like chips and cracks, can be easily spotted or felt, while intrinsic damage cannot easily be detected. Fortunately, restorative dentistry offers a number of ways to restore one’s smile after decay or other damage. In fact, porcelain crowns are a nearly seamless way to help restore a smile.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Dental Problems

Heightened tooth sensitivity is often ignored. That said, it is commonly a symptom of a burgeoning dental issue, like a cavity, a chip or a crack. Discomfort and discoloration are other common indicators of dental problems. In the case of accident or injury, there may be no warning signs of problems. That said, intrinsic damage could have been created, that could lead to worse issues later on, if unaddressed by restorative dentistry.

Fortunately, when detected early, most issues can be effectively addressed with minimally invasive restorations, like porcelain crowns.

Ask Your Dentist About a Natural-looking Porcelain Crown

While crowns were once made almost exclusively from metal, porcelain crowns offer a more natural-looking and often more comfortable form of restoration. Porcelain conducts less heat than metal, which means most patients enjoy less sensitivity when eating. Porcelain can also be carefully crafted to resemble natural teeth, allowing for nearly seamless restorations, that most people will not notice.