A Way To Move Forward With A Root Canal

Farm Woman Omaha NEBacterial infection within one of your teeth can lead to a painful situation. When the nerve in a tooth becomes compromised by infection, this toothache is a sign of a serious issue. These microorganisms can wreak havoc within the safety of your natural enamel. While this tissue is normally a strength for our immunological health, damage can occur. Some common instances of enamel damage include cavities. Periodontal disease can also result as a result of poor oral health hygiene.

A root canal is the removal of the interior fleshy portion within the tooth. This removes the worrisome infection as well as the nerve and circulatory tissue. The connection between this location and the jaw are sealed to prevent reinfection or possible spread into the bone matter. After the root canal, you will require the placement of a dental crown to ensure the lasting stability of the location and keep your bite functional. Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE is here to get your mouth back up to speed and help you chew with confidence!

Why You Might Need A Root Canal

The primary cause of internal infection within a tooth is often the damage to enamel in some form or another. Physical trauma to your smile can leave you with a broken tooth with exposed pulp. Bacteria quickly invade in this situation as nearly all of your immune defenses have been compromised. Even slim cracks or minor breaks can result in trouble. If you know you have damage to your enamel, do not wait in seeking treatment.

How This Procedure Helps Remove Infection

A root canal is a procedure in which the pulp is removed from within your problem tooth. After drilling through the hard exterior and eliminating the infection, your dentist seals the connection to the jaw with a plant-based putty. Effectively, your tooth is now separated from your circulatory system.

The area will also require a dental crown to restore stability. These are durable caps that sit permanently atop your existing material. Crowns can be made from different materials, so speak with your dentist about your possibilities.

Keep Your Teeth Safe From Other Concerns

Other forms of harm such as periodontal disease can lead to the vulnerability of a tooth. This is the infection of the gum tissue and without its protection, you are at risk of serious trouble. Speak with your dentist about how to avoid the development and progression of this condition.

A Brighter Path Forward In Omaha, NE

If you require a root canal surgical procedure to eliminate your problem tooth infection, do not suffer from the pain any longer. Learn more about how we help you restore your smile at Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE by calling us at (402)330-2243.