Consulting Your Dentist About Implant Placement

The use of dental implants in prosthetic dental work can provide remarkable advantages for patients. With this superior degree of support for your restoration, you can feel more comfortable with your prosthetic, and more confident in your appearance and dental function. That being said, excitement about receiving a dental implant can be weighed against anxieties or uncertainty about their placement. Will you be a good candidate? What will the placement process be like? How long will this work take? During an initial consultation, you can receive valuable information regarding your candidacy for placement, while also being walked through the process of having an implant placed, and your restoration set.

Acting Quickly To Replace Missing Teeth Can Improve Your Chances Of Being Approved For Implant Placement

One thing you should know is that waiting to do something about tooth loss can put you at greater risk for experiencing complications. Your dental function can be inhibited by gaps in your smile, and the prolonged absence of your tooth can lead to a deterioration of your jawbone. When you act quickly to arrange for prosthetic work, you can make it more likely that you can be approved for implant placement.

Why Should I Have Implant Support For My Prosthetic?

While many prosthetic dental solutions can improve your appearance, and may even help to restore your dental function, there are special advantages you enjoy when you have an implant inserted. You can protect yourself against the loss of mass in your jawbone, as your implant will keep the bone healthy. You can also limit movement in your neighboring teeth. You enjoy these benefits because implants can take on responsibilities that fall to the roots of teeth – prosthetic work without implants will not provide these advantages.

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental About Receiving A Dental Implant For Your Prosthetic

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