CEREC Technology Means Not Relying On A Temporary Crown

A dental crown is custom-made to fit over your tooth, and is designed with the necessary toughness to stay in good condition for many years. Thanks to the presence of CEREC technology in our office, you can have that permanent, custom-made crown prepared and placed over the course of one dental visit. This means you will have the full support you need in less time. It also means you will not have to rely on a temporary crown. Patients who are left waiting for their crown to be made in a dental lab are provided with these temporary restorations, which can be less than ideal. We are proud to offer a restorative dental care solution that gives you the protection you need without making this delay necessary.

Receiving A CEREC Dental Crown

By using CEREC technology, your dentist can use measurements of your tooth to digitally design your crown, produce it in the office, and place it over your tooth. This eliminates any awkward waiting period during your restorative dental treatment. Because the crown is made from ceramic, it should be noted that your restoration will look like your natural tooth.

Making Sure Your Crown Stays In Good Condition

When you exercise good dental care habits, your crown – like your regular teeth – can more easily be kept in good condition. While it is strong enough to handle typical biting and chewing tasks, avoid biting into hard surfaces, as this can lead to potential damage.

Avoid Future Dental Issues By Keeping Up With Good Oral Health Care

Are you attending regular dental exams? If not, you are leaving yourself open to the chance of having a serious cavity develop. Regular visits make it easier to avoid these problems, and will make it less likely that you will need another crown in the future.

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental About Receiving A CEREC Dental Crown

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