Dental Prosthetics Can Complete Your Smile and Restore Your Confidence

A Dental Prosthetic Can Complete Your SmileDid you recently lose a tooth due to dental trauma, gum disease, decay or an infection? Whatever the cause of your tooth loss, you may be struggling with a mix of emotions and troubling questions. “How will I smile again? Will I still be able to enjoy my favorite foods? Is there anything that can be done to make my smile look complete?” Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry provides answers to each of those questions. In fact, your dentist can actually help put your mind at ease. That is because modern dental prosthetics provides options for completing each smile, according to every budget and concern.

What Are the Ways to Complete a Smile?

Modern prosthetics come in a variety of forms and at many price points, enabling anyone struggling with tooth loss to help complete his or her smile effectively and affordably.

One of the fastest and most affordable options is dentures. Dentures can be used to replace a single lost tooth, several, or even an entire arch of teeth. They can be temporarily attached using dental adhesives, or more permanently affixed through a dental bridge or dental implant.

Dental bridges rely on crowns to help anchor a replacement tooth (including a denture). The bridge helps hold the replacement tooth in place securely, creating adding confidence while one chews and even smiles.

However, the most permanent option for addressing tooth loss is through the use of a dental implant, which relies on a post surgically inserted into the jaw, to help stabilize a replacement tooth. Only dental implants can supply the jaw with nutrients, because the anchoring post helps to mimic a healthy tooth root. For patients looking for the utmost stability and longevity in their prosthetic, dental implants are often the best option.