How Clear Braces Can Improve Your Smile

How Clear Braces Can Improve Your SmileSummer is the season for family reunions, wedding photos and lots of vacation snapshots. When you are self-conscious about your smile, the words “Say cheese” can send you running for cover. Luckily, the days of hiding in the back row, or holding a hand in front of your mouth have passed. Clear braces ease your teeth into a position that is more attractive, and more comfortable and functional as well. If you think that braces are all about metal and shine, it is time to think again.

How Clear Braces Work to Change Your Smile

We offer two options for clear braces: Invisalign® and ClearCorrect. At your consultation appointment, we’ll help you select which type is better for your particular case. Both use the same principle of moving your teeth in small steps, through a series of custom-fitted plastic trays. The trays are created using digital imaging technology, and worn for about two weeks each. The trays move the teeth gradually but surely into their new positions. It takes about a year (sometimes a few months more or less) for ClearCorrect and Invisalign® to shift teeth fully into their new positions. Your diligent attention to wearing the trays will help them work as quickly as possible.

Some Advantages of Clear Braces

For many people, the biggest advantage of clear braces is that no one has to know you are wearing them. They are nearly invisible when they are in place, and they can be removed for special occasions. Other advantages include:

  • They can be removed each morning and night, while you attend to brushing and flossing your teeth
  • Food particles are cleaned neatly and easily from the trays
  • There are no wires to poke gums or sensitive mouth tissue
  • Clear braces require fewer office visits for adjustments and supervision


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