Reshape Your Smile With Tooth Contouring

smileblondewhitebkgrndSome patients speak with us about their disappointment with their smiles, wishing they could remove just a tiny bit of tooth tissue for improvement. If this sounds familiar, you may make a wonderful candidate for tooth contouring. You see, in some cases you may find that your teeth need a gentle re-shaping by taking away a bit of your enamel – your tooth’s outermost layer. From textural concerns to tooth length, addressing minor imperfections can transform the look of your teeth and the way you feel about your smile as a whole. Ready to learn more about contouring? Consider the information that follows:

What Is Contouring?

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic treatment that allows us to gently re-sculpt your teeth. Unlike bonding, which is an “additive” process, contouring is considered “subtractive.” We will focus on gently smoothing away a minuscule amount of your tooth’s outermost layer, called enamel. Rest assured, contouring is comfortable. We will make sure you have adequate enamel for removal by first fully examining your smile and discussing your goals.

How Does It Work?

Contouring is something like a buffing process. We will use a gentle polishing instrument to delicately yet effectively remove tiny amounts of tissue. For instance, we may reduce a tooth that is a bit longer than those surrounding it. Or, we may re-shape a tooth according to your preferences, so you can achieve improved uniformity.

What Does Tooth Contouring Achieve?

Tooth contouring offers a variety of specific improvements for patients who wish to enhance the beauty of their grins. You can expect one or more of the following benefits:

  • Shorten a tooth that appears too long
  • Soften a pointed tooth
  • Re-shape an awkwardly shaped tooth
  • Gently reduce tissue associated with overlapping teeth
  • Smooth textural issues, such as a rough tooth border


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